Salt Analysis.

Each batch of Cold Smoked Salmon is tested in-house to verify that there is adequate salt content to ensure food safety and preservation – batches are only released to slicing and packing on receipt of satisfactory salt results.

Organoleptic Assessment.

Each batch of product is tested Organoleptically to (Odor, Taste, Texture and Appearance) to ensure consistency in eating quality.

Microbiological Testing.

All microbiological Testing is undertaken by our Quality Department, who are trained to take samples and in the techniques of swabbing to minimize the risk of contamination. Testing includes Raw Materials, in process sampling, finished product sampling, environmental swabbing and service sampling.

As the part of quality assurance the samples /tests frequently reconfirmed by the ISO /IEC 17025 advanced Biotechnology center for food and environmental Testing accredited by D A C, Government of Dubai along with our own laboratory.

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