Salmon Farm LLC is the sea food division of the large conglomerate which is a major player in snack foods and printing technology in UAE, in association with United Products GMBH Germany. With salmon farm, we are foraying into the sea food industry, catering to the ever increasing demand for highest quality salmon products in the region

Salmon from Scotland is harvested year round. A combination of technique, expertise, efficient processes and attention to detail ensures that our Scottish salmon (Fresh/ Smoked Scottish salmon) arrive with our customers in peak condition.

Our fresh Scottish salmon has a natural rosy pink color, firmer texture and delicious taste, of which restaurateurs, retailers and real aficionados can be proud.


We know our customers seek out the best, so we produce fish that is perfect for their needs: Every day spot tests are completed guaranteeing each clump of salmon meets our thorough models. The successful quality administration is kept up by a normal program of free outer reviews by perceived Certification Bodies and clients, preceded with inward checking and inspecting, and formal administration audit. Well being and cleanliness are foremost in the planning of our items with enactment entirely held fast to in the majority of our preparing plants.

It is our commitment to provide the full range of highest quality and cost effective salmon products to our esteemed clientele of five star hotels, airlines, hyper markets, leading super markets and top class restaurants. Supported by the most advanced state of the art production facilities and highly skilled and dedicated work force with more than a decade of experience in the industry, we are poised to become a leading player in the smoked salmon segment in the region.

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