Beluga Caviar 10 grm

AED 112 /1 Pcs

Serving Beluga Caviar certainly has its reputation for being one of the most
exclusive caviars in the world. It truly represents the elegance of fine caviar experience.
Beluga offers an astonishing and beautifully complex flavor. It appears medium-large in
size and the colors are typically light with fascinating marble effects.
Processing: Malossol method
Top Grade imported Sturgeon Caviar – Expert’s Choice!
Farm to Table – 100% Natural Sturgeon Caviar, No Artificial Coloring Flavoring.
Processed and packed in HACCP inspected the facility.
All our caviar are vacuum packed in order to ensure the maximum freshness of this delicacy for your enjoyment.
10g will serve 1 people.
3 months shelf life from the date of packing.
Best before 48hours once the seal is broken.
Allergen: Contains Fish Egg.

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