Alaskan Black COD Portion

AED 89.00 /300 g


Product Specs Ready to Cook, Scale Off, Skin On, Pin Bone out, Cleaned.
Weight 300 g Pack (2 / 3 Portions)
Ingredients Black Cod
Storage Frozen store at – 18°

Black cod, also known as Sablefish and Butterfish, is a gourmet fish with a rich, buttery flavor and delicate, silky texture. It has so many different names because it is so popular around the globe. It is found on the menus of the world’s most exclusive seafood restaurants. Color: Pearly white fillets when raw and golden-yellow when smoked. Texture: Smooth, velvety texture and large, yet delicate, flakes. Flavor: Rich, satiny sweet, buttery taste courtesy of the high oil content.

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Weight 300 kg
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