Choosing a Premium Quality Whole Salmon in UAE

We knew that salmon is a good kind of fish to consume as it consist plenty of vitamins, minerals and omega 3. Moreover, having two fish servings in a week completes a healthy diet according to U.S. Dietary Guidelines. There are many types of whole salmon in UAE filled with Omega 3 for brain boosting and healthy heart which must be considered.

Even though salmon is the world’s healthiest fish, we still have doubts and curiosities which must be addressed properly. Following the most advanced integrated and modern food safety system and international standard approach called FSSC 22000.

We will share to you facts and tips for you to decide which to buy:

1.Wild or Farmed Salmon?

Wild salmon is among the purest of all salmon. As it is very natural, it was considered as ‘’super food’’. It is highly rich in omega 3, vitamins and lesser in saturated fats which commonly unwanted.

Farmed salmon or Aquaculture salmons are industrial production from egg to market in different types of man-made cages, ponds etc. It is supplied with fish food which is not-so-natural.Studies shows that both salmon are good to consume but there are still points to consider while choosing the better one especially if it is highly recommended by dietitians.

First, both salmons either wild or farmed are great source of unusual omega 3 fatty acid and a river of protein. Second wild salmon consist of 32% fewer calories and fats/unsaturated fats are lesser rather than farmed salmons Third, wild salmons contains more calcium and iron, extremely packed with more potassium.

2.Fresh or Frozen Salmon?

Fresh salmons can be purchased much in supermarkets or in wet markets during the months of June-September, while frozen salmon are good for up to four months, when properly frozen and thawed whole night in the freezer. Most fishes are frozen immediately after caught to preserve its freshness and will be available for shipping.

3.Salmon Taste, texture and price?

These salmons have a wide range of color, taste and price which commonly consumed. Taste will depend on your budget and the recipe you have in your mind. Below are different salmon species that are good to consume.

  1. King/Chinook – Known to be an expensive one due to its high fat, buttery texture and rich of omega 3.
  2. Sockeye – One of a very oily fish and it consist with many oils and with deep red flesh. This has a strong taste which is recommended for grills.
  3. Atlantic salmon – originated and harvested from Norway, making it a perfect resource for meeting consumer demand for healthy proteins. Rich in omega 3’s, the cooking techniques of Atlantic salmon makes it a very popular addition to a heart-healthy diet.
  4. Coho – a North Pacific salmons which has mild taste and are often lighter in color.
  5. Pink or chum – are smaller fish and commonly used in canned salmons or smoked salmons as it is very cozy and fits to your normal budget.

4.Fat Salmon: Healthy or Not?

Fat Salmon Fishes are very healthy in health and are tasty. Salmon is a good source of DHA and omega 3. DHA are stored in the fats of salmons, more often in their belly. Larger species like king and others that gone for longer journeys gained more fat and have more omega-3 However Farmed salmon are fattier compared to wild salmon because they are fed with grains and vegetable oils .However the more fat content of fish, it is more easier to cook and preserve its moistness.

Depending on the variety of salmons and its classification, it remains to be the healthiest fish. No matter how you will cook it remains to be very tasty.  For more information in salmon recipes, please follow us on our Facebook page:

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