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Quality Control.

Quality Control is a key function within Salmon farm LLC. A team of highly trained staff check and monitor the quality at each and every stage in the process from the purchasing and receipt of Raw Materials and Ingredients to the Dispatch of finished products.

The Quality Control Department are responsible for enforcing the requirements of the Quality Management System HACCP.

We are following the most advanced integrated and modern food safety system and international standard approach called FSSC 22000. Supported by the European Food and Drink Association (CIAA) and the American Groceries Manufacturing Association (GMA). FSSC 22000 is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and Accreditation Bodies around the world.

Salmon Farm LLC. FSSC 22000 and HACCP standard and safety system certified by SGS Switzerland, Established in 1878 registered in Geneva. The world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification body, recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.

HACCP and the Quality Management System.

Salmon Farm LLC undertakes a comprehensive HACCP Study for each product produced, the HACCP study is based on Codex Alimentarius principles; Each HACCP study is regularly reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team with specialist HACCP training and knowledge.

HACCP forms the basis of the Quality Management System that is documented to address the sections of the BRC global standard for food safety. The Quality Control Department are responsible for the maintenance and continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

Halal certification.

Salmon Farm LLC is the first HALAL certified salmon fish processing plant in UAE, certified by HCS Switzerland and ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology –by virtue of federal law 28 of 2001 established as the standards body of United Arab Emirates).

Halal Certification Services (HCS) is an experienced and world-wide recognized and respected certification body based in Switzerland is operating

since 1988 to assist ingredients, food Products, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers to cater the halal market needs.

HCS is a member of World Halal Food Council and is officially recognized by JAKIM (Malaysia), MUIS (Singapore) MUI (Indonesia) and all other renowned bodies around the world

Raw Material Sourcing and Receipt.

Quality begins with the sourcing of consistent quality Raw Materials and Ingredients to the required standards.

Salmon Farm LLC Smoked Salmon operate a strict policy of purchasing Raw Materials and packaging only from a selective list of approved suppliers.

On delivery to site the adherence of the delivery vehicle and condition of the consignment are checked to ensure conformance to the Specification; only when the Quality Control Person is satisfied with the Raw Material is accepted and placed into the appropriate storage environment.

Process Quality Checks.

At each stage in the process the Quality Control team check to ensure that the safety and adherence of the product is maintained at all times and that the desired Quality Attributes are achieved ensuring a consistent quality finished product.

These checks include verification of Critical Control Points and the attainment of Critical Limits, Slicing Checks (Slice thickness and Slicing Quality), Packing Checks (Weight, Pack presentation) Boxing down and Labelling Checks (Metal Detection, Label and Coding, Case Packing and Palletization) and Freezing down and Storage Checks.

On Dispatch the Quality Control department undertake a series of pre-loading assessments that include vehicle hygiene and Product and Vehicle temperature; only once these checks are satisfactory can out-loading commence.

Finished Product Checks.

The Quality Control department also undertakes a series of further checks on the Finished Product.

 Salt Analysis.

Each batch of Cold Smoked Salmon is tested in-house to verify that there is adequate salt content to ensure food safety and preservation – batches are only released to slicing and packing on receipt of satisfactory salt results.

Organoleptic Assessment.

Each batch of product is tested Organoleptically to (Odor, Taste, Texture and Appearance) to ensure consistency in eating quality.

Microbiological Testing.

All microbiological Testing is undertaken by our Quality Department, who are trained to take samples and in the techniques of swabbing to minimize the risk of contamination. Testing includes Raw Materials, in process sampling, finished product sampling, environmental swabbing and service sampling.

As the part of quality assurance the samples /tests frequently reconfirmed by the ISO /IEC 17025 advanced Biotechnology center for food and environmental Testing accredited by D A C, Government of Dubai along with our own laboratory.


The traceability system at Salmon Farm is based on a unique batch coding system that is linked to a Site wide, Computer based Process Control System supported by manual Quality Control and Production Records. This gives Salmon Farm the ability to rapidly trace any product back to its individual Ingredients and packaging, and it is possible to trace back to the farm, harvest date and treatment records also.

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